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For those who have difficulty understanding English, the second video has subtitles in Portuguese. Enjoy. ^_^

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Amazing! Would love to experience this!!!!

These two photographers have had an unbelievable experience, and why not say scary at the same time. They were watching a group of wild gorillas in Uganda when, suddenly, the group approached one of them and began "to welcome".

The alpha male is so huge (the gorilla silver back). It´s noteworthy that the photographer behaved in an exemplary manner with the group, especially when the alpha male is present.


Jan. 15th, 2014 04:44 pm
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J was made by a Korean artist named Rovo Jin.
If you want to learn more, here are blog Rovo Jin:
http://blog.naver.com/rovo_jin (It's in Korean, at least you can look at the pictures.

I would like one of these.
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The Christmas advert from this store is very cute, best day like today to share it, and take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. :D

The music is by Lily Allen.

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Dog helping your family. :) How cute!!

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A video to cheer up you to start a day doing exercises. :)
So cute. :)


Nov. 8th, 2013 10:38 am
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Interesting how a little help can change a person and allow to continue to struggle in their day to day, but of course, we have to take into account the fact that the person wanting to change too. :)

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What a beautiful landscape when the plane approaches the airport in Queenstown, New Zealand.
I found half fearful when the plane passes through the clouds, hehe.
I hope in the near future knowing that country. :)

Music: Paradise - Coldplay.


Oct. 14th, 2013 10:42 am
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This group called Smallpools saw a piano with an automatic system, in the lobby of a building, and decided to make a video of a song from them, without anyone's permission. Thankfully the police cooperated.
The song is called Dreaming.
I found it very cool. :)


Sep. 16th, 2013 10:48 am
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I was speechless and touched. I think the world needs more of that.

Video made by the Thai telecommunications company True Move H. Great.
Watch and think.

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I was touched to know the history of this song. :)

It´s a short documentary, then only a little longer than normal videos, about 9 minutes, but worth seeing it.

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This video makes us wonder if we are not forgetting to live day to day way in which technology isn´t so present. Are we exaggerating heavily on the use of smartphones?
Watch the video and think. :)

Written by/Starring Charlene deGuzman
Directed by Miles Crawford

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Tsk ... and I'm here simply just sitting. Boring life!!! :)

Enjoy the video. ;)

Made by Gerry B.
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Yes, I want it!!! :)

The Burj Khalifa Bin Zayid5 (Arabic: برج خليفة; "Khalifa Tower"), formerly known as Burj Dubai, is a skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the largest structure and, consequently, the highest skyscraper sky ever built by man, with 828 meters height.

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You can´t even see the motorcycle passing!!!!

This circuit is called: "Isle of Man TT." It´s considered the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world.
The race of 2013 took place between May 25 and June 7, challenging course in the mountains of the Isle of Man (a dependency of the Crown of the United Kingdom).
Watch a summary of what was this event in the video below, with riders over 320km / h. O_O

Music: Elements by Lindsey Stirling.
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They are animated and good singers. Well, I´m compared to them, since my voice is kind of nasal, argh, haha!!
I think they should do it at all gas stations, isn´t it? :)

I loved them!!! ;)
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For those who are romantic, watch this video of marriage proposal.
In Norway, on a small island called "Røvær", Daniel decided to make a surprise and at the same time, ask your girlfriend to marry him.
He knew that the dream of his girlfriend was going to Italy, but as he was unable to do so, he had the idea of ​​bringing Italy to her. And he had the participation of the community of the small island for it. :)

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Idea launched by the staff of "The Soul Pancake Street Team".

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Funny advertisement of a British broadband operator, called Three. Music of Fleetwood Mac.


Mar. 5th, 2013 08:56 am
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I can´t even balance my slippers on top of my head. :)

The artist Madir Eugster, which works in Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque's, recently participated and won the talent show "Japan's Kamiwaza 2013" with its fantastic spectacle of balance. This using only 13 sticks and a feather.
See below. :)

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