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Dimension Films announced that it has acquired the direct to produce the Hollywood version of Ajeossi (known internationally as The Man From Nowhere), South Korean thriller that became the highest grossing in the country in 2010, passing in front of some American blockbusters: as The origin and Iron Man 2.

This movie is starring by Won Bin and directed by Lee Jeong-Beom. The story follows a quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past takes on a drug- and organ trafficking ring in hope of saving the child who is his only friend.

Personal Comment: Well, I liked this movie very much and I was surprised, because I was watching it without compromise thinking
"Oh, one more violent film." Yes, there will always be people who dislike this kind of plot. But it costs nothing to take a look and then compare with future American adaptation.
I hope that this adaptation is consistent, although this film doesn´t escape what we're used to seeing in American movies.
I'm curious to know who will be the protagonist in the American version.
The actor Won Bin is excellent and the fight scenes are well worked (I loved them), as the story itself. It´s the famous macho guy, that is, I´m quiet in my corner, but don´t pass your limit with me or hurt my loved ones ... Wow. No wonder that the South Korean films are becoming famous. :)

Trailer: The video quality isn´t good.

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How many are on vacation, I would suggest this film to pass the time.

Man Cheng Jin Dai Huang Jin Jia / Curse of The Golden Flower. China, 2006.
Direction: Zhang Yimou.
Cast: Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li, Jay Chow, Liu Ye, Chen Jin, Ni Dahong.

"The film tells the story of a royal family divided, where trust is betrayed and the family blood shed in search of redemption and revenge. The Curse of the Golden Flower is a fantastic trip to the spectacular world of betrayal, revenge and passion that will show a different concept of Martial Arts."

My opinion:

For those who have had the opportunity to watch: Hero and House of Flying Daggers from the same director, already has a sense of what to expect from films of this director. For me, this film surprised me by lust of photography, with a beautiful story to be told where revenge and betrayal are part of everyday life. And that abusing the mixture of colors so beautiful, the film is visually flawless, allying himself with amazing costumes and choreography in a perfect film to behold. Amazing. :)
For those who get excited easy, warning that the end of the film perhaps unsatisfying, but it´s a movie worth watching because it´s great and that to this day I never forgot it.

Some considerations about the main actors:

Chow Yun Fat is great in the role of the emperor. I was impressed in a scene that takes place between him and his youngest son. There you can see the maximum expressiveness from Chow, your posture imperial, your authority and can feel the anger welling up in his veins. Splendid. That's why he is considered a great actor.
Gong Li, beautiful as always and great in the role of the empress. What is interesting is to see the rituals in which the Empress is forcibly subjected, I think it might be quite normal and the strength that she has after all it is. You can see through her actions, we feel like the Empress keeps its pride, despite everything.


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