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German engineers have created a robot band consisting of a drummer, bassist and guitarist and has just released a video on the internet. Now checked them playing "Ace of Spades" (I love this song) of British heavy metal band Motörhead. I found funny the small one.

The group is called Compressorhead, it´s formed by Stickboy (drums), Finger (guitar) and Bones (bass).
Site about them:

Source: http://www.tecmundo.com.br/robotica/34740-banda-de-rock-formada-por-robos-impressiona-pelo-desempenho-video-.htm
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Check out the video and soon after comes the instructions for how to make in Japanese.

You can check out other projects of this group-Talapz- in this channel: Talapz
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This video was made for the sale of a tongue brush that promises to eliminate the breath of dogs.
Ah... only by the cuteness of the video I would buy this brush. :D

I hope this video cheerful your day.

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I was happy and emotional to see this picture and the story. Sooo cute. :)

This photo was taken by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson clicked a friend John Unger, swimming with his dog Shep. She had more than 250,000 likes on Hannah´s facebook, shared by about 150 thousand people and commented on almost 30 000 times.
All because of the sweetness of the scene that shows John followed his best friend in a therapeutic walk by a lake in the city of Bayfield. While the dog napping in the arms of the owner, the buoyancy and the temperature warm water soothe the pain of the animal, 19, who suffers from arthritis.

Because of this photo, many people have spoken on Hannah´s facebook, who see sweetness, hope, love between man and his dog, kindness and peace.

How wonderful to see, I think the world needs more pictures like this. We are in the world so chaotic, that sometimes we forget to see and appreciate the simple things in life. And as a simple picture brings out such noble sentiments. :)

Source: http://extra.globo.com/noticias/mundo/que-fofura-cao-de-19-anos-dorme-no-colo-do-dono-em-lago-foto-vira-hit-na-internet-5739026.html
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Mating dance of the male spider, species Maratus volans.. These spiders are native to Australia.
I was amazed, I'm used to seeing mating dance between birds, but this spider captivated me. It's cute and funny at the same time.

I think he leaves behind many human dancers, isn´t it? :D

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Hello [livejournal.com profile] mintyapple, [livejournal.com profile] fruitstyle  and users of [livejournal.com profile] malionette's Tiny Icon Generator.

Following the changes that LJ made to the userhead icons, I modified the Tiny Icon generator. Please update your bookmarks and your tiny icons.

Malionette's tiny icon generator

Please help spread the word by reposting. 
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The Russian graphic designer Alexander Koshelkov created this image below of a plane crash. He used 244 layers and spent 4 hours and 17 minutes to do all the work. Good example for beginners in this program, like me.

In this video, you can see time-lapse mode, the steps of the construction of this image. Caution: loud music. :)

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What do you think what this is? A photo of a cat only!?
Would you believe it may be drawing!?
What are your conclusion

It's a drawing.

Some people can do amazing things with little tools developed as a simple pencil drawing. This is the case Paul Lung, who spends his free time creating amazing images in the style of realism. He uses as a working tool, a pencil drawing of 0.5 mm. Only. :)
You may find some arts from him using Google as well.

More information here: Paul Lung
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Who said we need to buy expensive materials to make art?
Dirty windshield is an experiment in art. :)

More here: Dirty cars.

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The Chinese artist Kumi Yamashita uses lines and nails to make realistic portraits.
According to a Japanese artist, to develop the images it employs a panel painted white, thousands of small galvanized nails and a single common thread of black line, without amendments or nodes.

More here: portraits

Source: http://www.tecmundo.com.br/mega-curioso/25047-emaranhado-de-linhas-e-pregos-se-transforma-em-incriveis-retratos.htm
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Look at this.

Do you believe that this figure is made of chalk?
You can check out more here:
Art in chalk
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I was surprised when I heard him, I thought he would sing in a baritone voice and not a soprano. :)

He's 19 and called Andrew De Leon. He performed at the American show called "America's Got Talent." With his gothic appearance, first, didn´t convince the jury. But when he sang this opera so perfectly, let everyone in the audience in ecstasy.
After the presentation,
Andrew revealed that this was the first time that anyone heard him sing. Not even his parents knew that the young man sang so well.
According to his own words: "I'm so used to being rejected, and I'm not very good at anything, so here it´s incredible," he said. Juror Howard Stern replied: "Not that you're not good at anything. You're incredible." :)


Jun. 3rd, 2012 12:42 pm
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30,000 photos of the happiest place on Earth created this time-lapse of Disneyland.

The video has over 30,000 pictures taken during a whole year, showing walks in toys and best known places there by photographer Daniel Navarrete.

If you're out of money to go there, so take this quick tour. Enjoy. :)

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The video you just saw above shows Shtifanov Alexander, a Ukrainian bartender, who swept in a talent show hosted by a TV channel in your country. Besides letting the judges slack-jawed, the acrobatics of the boy been doing quite successfully on YouTube.

New bra?

May. 9th, 2012 09:43 am
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I found it interesting. :)

According to the site:

"If you are a woman and is afraid to lose, forget or have your phone stolen, here's an ideal piece for your day to day: the JoeyBra. The accessory is nothing but a bra, but with a secret compartment on the side where you can keep your smartphone seamlessly. It also serves to store keys, cards and more imagination left."
"The bra protector has exactly the same dimensions as a normal underwear with special pockets on the sides almost imperceptible. To remove your cell compartment in question, just pull it normally."

If I have chance I will buy it or make an adjustment in the mine. Simple thing that women love.

Below the explanation of the creator.

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Dimension Films announced that it has acquired the direct to produce the Hollywood version of Ajeossi (known internationally as The Man From Nowhere), South Korean thriller that became the highest grossing in the country in 2010, passing in front of some American blockbusters: as The origin and Iron Man 2.

This movie is starring by Won Bin and directed by Lee Jeong-Beom. The story follows a quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past takes on a drug- and organ trafficking ring in hope of saving the child who is his only friend.

Personal Comment: Well, I liked this movie very much and I was surprised, because I was watching it without compromise thinking
"Oh, one more violent film." Yes, there will always be people who dislike this kind of plot. But it costs nothing to take a look and then compare with future American adaptation.
I hope that this adaptation is consistent, although this film doesn´t escape what we're used to seeing in American movies.
I'm curious to know who will be the protagonist in the American version.
The actor Won Bin is excellent and the fight scenes are well worked (I loved them), as the story itself. It´s the famous macho guy, that is, I´m quiet in my corner, but don´t pass your limit with me or hurt my loved ones ... Wow. No wonder that the South Korean films are becoming famous. :)

Trailer: The video quality isn´t good.

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As always I was surfing the web and saw this video. I was amazed at his ability. Since we are in the year of the dragon, this video fits well, isn´t it? :)
The child is amazed, I would be if I won this lollipop, and I would be sorry to eat it.

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As I like to share curiosity, I found the work of photographer and picture editor very interesting, his name is Erik Johansson. :)

In the video he explains how to perform his projects.

Here are some examples of interesting projects of him. It´s worth taking a look. Click on photo.


Feb. 1st, 2012 11:08 am
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I was looking at some sites and came across this interesting story about the stars. Have you ever stopped to look at the sky and ask how they are beautiful. Indeed, how our stars are beautiful. :)

According to the site:

Sky Gazers from Babak Tafreshi on Vimeo.

"It's hard to never have been thrilled by the stars in the night sky. But for the Iranian journalist and photographer, Babak Tafreshi, the stars are a daily obsession. In the past 16 years he has traveled the world, capturing the night sky every day.
From its native country, to lands far away as Norway and Nepal, the photographer of 34 years has used his camera to reveal our galaxy in all its splendor, showing some of the world's most beautiful views.
And the video above is just a demonstration of his beautiful work. Made with hundreds of photos, Babak shows how the stars move in the heavens at night. You can follow all the work of the astronomer and artist at this address,
Look here"
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Folks, this will be one of the advertisements that will run at the Superbowl (the final of the championship NFL football.)

Volkswagen joined a chorus of dogs that sing the "Imperial March" dressed as characters from Star Wars. Very funny. :D

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